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Charter Schools Best Practices Project

The Charter Schools Best Practices Project provides charter school authorizers, school site administrators and classroom teachers with resources to 1) assist in planning and starting charter schools, 2) evaluate charter school petitions, 3) develop partnerships with other schools and local districts, and 4) support instructional practices to increase student achievement.

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Steve Klein:

Steve Klein is the Administrator of CADRE and provides overall program management for CADRE projects. Steve brings a wealth of experience with digital media resources and development and instructional design for the web. For more than 20 years, he's been involved in the education field ranging from elementary to post-secondary, research, project-based curriculum development, professional development, and online community design and development. He's a plucky young man who approaches his work with the genteel nature of a sparrow, but the inward tenacity of a falcon.
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CTE Pathways Project:

Managed by CADRE in a unique joint-partnership with NavigationNorth Learning Solutions, The California Pathways site provides California secondary programs and community colleges an online vehicle to capture and disseminate the rich CTE sequences available to students as part of the growing 9-20 pathways movement to students, families, counselors, and all regional stakeholders.

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Video Enhanced Content:

CADRE has pioneered some of the most effective uses of video as a professional training medium and tool. Working to integrate video and elements of learning inquiry and interaction as a means to help learners analyze and adopt effective practice has been the focus of various development projects managed by the CADRE team.
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Brokers of Expertise:

Brokers of Expertise is designed to be much more than an incredible place to find and store educational resources, it is a collaboration point engineered to bring together the diversity, talent and expertise of teachers across the Golden State.

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Classroom Data:

Based on an institute designed and conducted by Dennis Fox, the Using Classroom Data to Improve Student Achievement video series Ɗbuilds the capacity of principals and teacher-leaders to use student achievement data to improve instructional practice. The resources provide simple strategies and tools to make sense of student achievement data such as learning to analyze data in a series of simple steps, use student work to group students appropriately for strategic or intensive instruction, explicitly decide when to ""re-do"," review", or "re-teach," facilitate grade level or subject area group discussions of data, and make the ongoing use of data part of the school's culture.

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Who We Are:

The Center for the Advancement of Digital Resources in Education is a unique partnership of specialists that are based out of the Butte County Office of Education and include expert consultants from outside of traditional education systems as well as specialists and colleagues from a number of other agencies including county offices of education, federal education labs, state education offices, and higher education.

CADRE's Mission:

We are not developing mere websites; we are developing systems aimed at introducing a new culture of thinking and sharing for educators

A place where resources and practice are intentionally coupled with technology and meaningful design in order to improve the skills of those who are shaping our children's intellect

We are attempting to forge the space where perspectives and insights can be focused on effectively educating students that is open, unbiased, and unfiltered

Where the role of the practitioner is valued and the needs of the children they support are held reverent.

We are not developing mere websites; we are attempting to re-shape a future with far more possibilities than limits for our schools and communities

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California Migrant Education Online:

The Migrant Education Portal was created to support the development and delivery of high-quality, sustainable, video-enhanced professional development resources. The portal supports Migrant Education programs and services with access to content-based resources in addition to communications, resource sharing, and program management tools. Modules provide examples of effective practice using full video segments and instructional content describing the models of practice.

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CADRE Relationships:

Here is where a concise description of CADRE's contribution to the project will go. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam in augue sit amet orci sodales convallis. Donec leo nibh, pulvinar a pretium lacinia, tempus vitae quam. Ut in sem dui. Etiam sit amet nibh nec nisi semper blandit. Maecenas et neque pulvinar sapien ultricies varius nec a libero.
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Region 2 Portal:

The North Eastern Region Curriculum Committee (NERCC) is an interdependent, evidence-based, intentional collaborative learning community that systematically supports student success through a recognized network of service providers. The Region 2 Portal provides NERCC and the participating 9 North Eastern county offices of education a single dissemination point for services, information, training coordination, and resource sharing.

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Digital Media Projects:

In addition to web resource and application development, CADRE has developed various high-visibility media production resources including West Ed's Delivering on Technology's Promise series, the Dennis Fox Using Data in the Classroom series, and the Taking Center Stage II CD and web media packages.
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Melissa Pedigo:

Melissa falls under the title of Web Resource Support Specialist, which means she has the dubious honor of supporting all 60,000 plus users of various CADRE products and programs in their retention of passwords, logins, files, as well as content updates, resource management, and online coordination assistance for training and outreach. As the youngest member of the CADRE team, Melissa works to keep the rest of the team abreast of current social technologies and features whether delivered via the web or mobile device.
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Laurie Watt: CADRE Secretary

Laurie brings over 10 years of excellent educational support services to our ranks. We value her assistance with the paperwork, protocols, and budgetary processes that so often goes unheralded on the back end of projects and programs...oh, and she keeps a candy dish full of chocolates, that is good too.
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Taking Center Stage II:

CADRE managed the technical development of the Taking Center Stage - Act II CD-ROM series and video which is designed to highlight developmentally appropriate strategies for turning California's middle grades schools into centers of academic excellence and meaningful learning--the cornerstones for closing the achievement gap.
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SchoolGate represents a joint effort between the CADRE team and the Pre-K community to provide early childhood educators a way to document and measure cognitive growth and development of students to create more seamless transition between preschool and school age programs.

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Frank Quinn:

Frank serves as the Systems Network Administrator for CADRE projects and brings a wealth of server, software, and general IT services to our programs. Frank has a knack for listening and caring about the storing, securing and architectural organization of digital directories across our server configurations. A crafty fellow, he also has a special knack for launching well-timed, witty sound effects at austere moments during office conversations.
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CTAP Online:

Started as a means to provide asynchronous professional development for all K-12 teachers on the instructional integration of technology for the standards-based classroom, CTAP Online was one of CADRE's longest running online professional portals and was used by over 100,000 teachers throughout California.

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Butte County Department Of Education:

Of course we did the BCOE website, some years ago now...but a redesign is in order.

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Common Core State Standards Professional Learning Modules

This series is the product of collaborative efforts between the California Department of Education and content and professional learning experts throughout California to help educators transition to the Common Core State Standards. CADRE is involved in the design, development and publishing of these modules.

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MaryRose Lovgren - Online Content Design and Curriculum Development Specialist

Brian Ausland - Curriculum Specialist, Project Management

Mike Morris - Curriculum and Instruction Development Specialist

Joe Hobson - Web Applications Research, Design and Development Specialist

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Through the Lens of an English Learner: Making Content Comprehensible

Through the Lens of an English Learner: Making Content Comprehensible is developed for those who are working directly with English Learners in the grade K-6 setting. The modules provide research-based instructional strategies for supporting English learners in the context of classroom instruction with Houghton Mifflin Reading materials. While each module emphasizes the use of a particular HM Reading story, the instructional strategies are effective in a variety of settings with or without specific adopted materials.

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History-Social Sciences Course Models:

The California History-Social Sciences Course Models is one of the few state board approved online curriculum series and was developed by CADRE over 6 years ago yet is still the single most accessed resource of all current online curriculum projects. This site serves as means to take a text-bound publication and re-develop it as a digital resource for teachers.

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Learning Support:

The Learning Support portal provides the Region 2 After Schools Program Technical Assistance Center a means to coordinate activities and services and programmatic curriculum sharing across 9 counties to help local providers build effective and sustainable programs that meet the needs of children and young people. With hours of video-embedded curriculum activities, this resource serves as a key element in operating effective after school programs that are coordinated with regular day operations.

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CTE Online:

CTE Online is a resource devoted to connecting educators and leaders within the unique field of Career and Technical Education to quality professional and curriculum development tools that help establish the role rigorous academic skills play in pursuit of industry and career related coursework. As a statewide project, thousands of CTE professionals log in and document course outlines, lessons, activities and assessments that make up the richness of the programs they offer daily to California's students.

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My Professional Observation Video site is an experimental research site designed to allow external agencies an opportunity to manage various formats of training video with various tool configurations to hone effective, target instruction and training.

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About CADRE:

CADRE is a team of education technology professionals that specialize in the design and development of digital resources supporting various educational P-20 initiatives.

The core of CADRE is especially adept at assessing a program's needs and then assembling a unique team of consultants and specialists around achieving those objectives. An eclectic skill set constantly manages to re-aggregate in response to a project as it grows and matures from concept and development to implementation and dissemination.

Wikipedia- Generally cadre is applied to a small core of committed and experienced people who are capable of providing leadership and of training newer members

Wiktionary- Etymology of Cadre: From French cadre ("core"), from Italian quadro ("square"), from Latin quadrum, from quatuor ("four").
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Center for the Advancement of Digital Resources in Education


Butte County Office of Education
1500 Lincoln Street, Suite 2
Oroville, CA 95965

Phone: (530) 532-5902
Email: webmaster@cadreonline.org

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